"The Back Room" -- Whence all chaos retreats

Here's the office/misc space. The computer and file cabinet live here, plus everything else that, to this point, has not found a home. When this room was remodeled, Ted raised the roof and ceiling a couple of feet from the original height. We used this space to add a shelf around two sides of the room - invaluable space for storage. That's what you do in an old farmhouse that was designed before they invented CLOSETS! The windows are wonderful, and I can watch the creek and the trees full of birds from my seat at the computer. As I say, this room is a work in progress. More organizing and purging are in order. Constant evaluation and discarding of stuff has become a way of life since we went from ~2000 sf to about 1000 sf. It's great to live with less, and even now, we still have way too much. Less and less is such a good thing.


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