Emma's Big Day

What Emma really wanted for her birthday was to get her ears pierced.

So she gathered a couple of friends and off we went to the mall! She had her pal Marilyn from school, and our friend Lindsay who is almost 14 and is now her babysitter when needed! It was a wonderful morning out with "the girls!" Lindsay's mom, Jill, is my sweet friend (and Employee of the Year!) and we got a nice "playdate" out of it as well.

Now Emma's a real "big girl" with her new earrings. Dad has made one rule--no hoops or dangles til she's 16!!! She can live with that ;-).


  1. Dear Miss Emma, you get prettier every birthday. I like your choice of the silver star. It looks really sparkly against your nice tan.

    Hi Cindy! Glad y'all had such a fun day.

    Looking forward to another celebration of all our July birthdays when I come for a visit!!!!

    Love ya, AuntiE

  2. Thanks for the invitation.


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