I am a Shepherd

OH MY GOSH. The day I have waited for finally arrived, and I was far from ready for it. You see, God knows I wouldn't ever feel "ready" for sheep to come live here, so He pushed the situation so that I had to get ready quick and not try to plan it out in minute detail.

My friend Joan at St. Jude's Farm called me and said that my sheep "Israel" had turned up lame and needed a quiet place to rest and recouperate--could I keep him at our place? EEEEEKKK! I had a makeshift pen set up, but the shed that was part of that pen was full of holes, and was enclosed by a wobbly and sagging fence! Ted and I went to work (yes, it was 102 degrees out) patching and wiring and hobnailing the place together to make it fit for our sheep to come here for his R&R. This past Monday morning, Fred and Joan trailered Mr. Israel over here and he has taken up residence at Jacob's Reward Farm. His presence pushes us out of being just "pet owners" into gen-u-ine "livestock owners." I was almost as nervous as the day we brought Emma home from the NICU--terrified by the responsibility.... would Israel still be inside the fence the next day? Would he get eaten by a coyote? Would he be frantic without other sheep for company? Did his leg need medical treatment--treatment that would cost more than he was worth? Only time would tell.

Well, after a week at Jacob's Reward, I'm pleased to report that he is still inside the fence, no coyotes have eaten him (I have prayed a protective WALL around this place from predators of every stripe!), and his leg seems to be healing nicely. He is a bit lonely, but hopefully he'll be OK until I can somehow remedy that situation.

In the meantime, just call me Little Bo Peep.... :-)


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