And then there were TWO

Israel now has a buddy in the pen. Yesterday we welcomed "Tommy" to our flock! Tommy is about 8 or 9 years old, very tame, and a busy traveler. He's been to Christmas pageants, elementary school shearing demos, and animal blessings, because of his easy-going nature. Tom was a bottle baby and learned that people bring good things like hay and food into the sheep pen!

Tommy is a good bit smaller than Israel, and has much lighter colored fleece. I should call them "Salt 'N' Peppa" but I won't. Actually, Tommy reminds me more of Yoda--small, wizened, and quirky. (You thought Israel was funny looking!)

The first order of business when I turned Tommy out in the pen was that Israel had to show him who was the KING. They ran around and around the pen for a while, and in a short time, settled into a good working relationship (Israel: "you go where I say you can go!" Tommy: "yeah, whatever... where's the grub?") Now I'm happier that Israel at least has company out there during the day.

It's starting to look like a farm.


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