A Change in the Weather

Winter blew in to North Central Texas last night. Yesterday I was working in the yard in short sleeves, and by bedtime, the cold and rain had crawled across the prairie to our front door. This morning I ran out to check on the critters, and they were fine. They even spent a little time romping in the pasture. But temperatures continued to drop, and by afternoon, the alpacas had decided to camp out in their wind-free shed. The sheep, however, don't mind it at all, and wandered around the pasture, coming up to the gate to bellow at me for their supper. We've had freezing rain and something akin to snow most of the day.

Now we're into the time of year where my boots are cold and muddy, my glasses fog up after a trip outside, and where you don't want to be without your scarf and gloves! Startin' to feel like the Christmas season!


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