Change in the Weather, Part II

Again with the sleet! We've been weather-bound for about 5 days now, and that has given me time to work on fun fiber projects and now, catch up on my blogging. I'll try to keep this chronological, knowing you will see the last thing posted first. So think backwards.

Just before Christmas, a friend alerted me that a donkey was going up for auction at the county animal shelter, and that I could probably have him for $25 if I got there in time. We had just been talking about the possibility of getting a donk, as a guardian animal, so the next morning, Emma and I drove up to McKinney, TX to meet our friend who took us to the shelter. There, waiting for us, was a darling donkey who seemed to meet all my requirements: gelded, small, relatively friendly, assumed healthy, and cheap. As no one else showed up to bid against me, I got him for the aforementioned $25. Several people did end up coming for the auction, but they were late, and the deputy told them so. An employee of the shelter offered to deliver our new equine to us the next morning for a very small fee. Here's a picture of "Moses" enjoying his new digs at Jacob's Reward Farm.


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