Four Fiber Guys

Here's a shot of the four fiber guys, enjoying a crisp fall day, grazing contentedly... that's before HE came... the donkey with attitude! Once Moses came, the pasture politics changed. (Dum-dum-dum!!!) Gizmo the Alpaca was no longer pasture king, but he was demoted to pasture prince. Moses keeps everybody in their place by occasionally running them around the pasture--sheep AND alpacas. At least he doesn't bite wool off of the sheep's butts like Moonstruck has been known to do. Actually, at the bottom of the pasture totem pole is the cat, Smokey. She sometimes accompanies me out to the field while I clean up all the poop. But if she strays too far from me, the donkey escorts her to the fence with nose down and ears pinned! Good guard donkey! Of course, we never let Robbie the Wonder Dog in the pasture. That would really be asking for trouble!


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