It's almost Christmas! 2007! Looks like I let this year get past me without posting to the blog. Well, it's not because I didn't have anything to write about. In fact, I have so much to share about this year, and I want to get All Caught Up over the Christmas holiday as a part of my gift for my family and friends.

Bookmark my blog, and check back, as I relate the Adventure in Agriculture that was 2007.

Tonight, we'll start with the addition of Aaron, the mini donkey. Seems Mr. Moses was not satisfied by the companionship of sheep and alpacas. In fact, he was a bit grouchy to them -- not the protector I had envisioned. So, by a quirky happenstance, the family accidentally stumbled upon a breeder not too far from us who raises, trains and shows both miniatures and mammoths.

We fell in love with a rolypoly little guy named Bandit, who we would later re-Christen "Aaron." Here he is (above, right) with his new playmate, Emma. He's not really that tall--he's standing on a railroad tie. (Short man complex.) The picture on the left is of the two donks bonding nicely. They spent a day with a fence between them, and when I let them out together, they did several fast laps around the pasture with Aaron kicking the snot out of Moses, who didn't even notice. They have been inseparable since. When the donkeys are happy, everybody's happy!


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