Good Morning!

It's going to be a busy day today with not much time to muse. I have a long meeting with the church vestry, and then we're getting a hay delivery in the afternoon. This evening we'll meet with our small group from church for our usual potluck and study time.
But I had to share a good picture of our morning alarm clock, Victor. I don't usually like to keep roosters around, mostly because of the noise. I don't blame them, it's what they do, but it's hard on the sleep patterns if they live too close to the house. Victor, however, sleeps out in the pasture in a tractor with his six hen friends, free ranging during the day. And aside from crowing, Victor also takes good care of those hens. The other chicken tribes roam around the property aimlessly in loose groups. But the Marans, under the leadership of Victor the Protector, stays together in a fairly tight knot. He warns of overhead hawk threats, and he signals when it's time to return to the tractor at night. As long as he behaves, he is a beautiful and stately addition to the farm. If he ever gets into the habit of trying to discipline humans, we will have to reconsider his living arrangement.


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