The Marans are Laying, the Marans are Laying!

This is the part I love - I've raised these chickens from babies, coddled them, housed them, fed and watered them for months, and finally, they begin to give back. Today during morning chores, I found the first egg from the group of 6 Maran hens, and their attendant rooster, Victor. This "tribe" has been free ranging during the day, thanks to the door DH cut in the side of their pasture tractor, so I can't swear that some eggs aren't laying out in the brush somewhere. But, this egg was laid in the nest box of the tractor for me to find on my morning rounds. It feels great. I may keep them shut up for a day or so to see whether there are more girls laying than just this one.

This past summer we went through quite a dry spell with very few eggs. The oldest group was moulting and the "teenagers" in the front coup weren't quite old enough, so my customers had to do without Jacob's Reward eggs for a while. But things are turning around.


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