Meteorological Whiplash

That's Texas for you. In the morning you're busting ice in the sheep's water bucket, and by afternoon, you're doing chores in a t-shirt. It was a beautiful day, once it started warming up. Blue skies and a soft breeze. I start thinking about doing things like finally getting the whole garden weeded and ready for some heirloom veggie seeds. Or re-fencing that ratty stretch along the creek pen. But there is so much to do inside as well. Tomorrow I'll be visited by a gal who found me through a Google search (bless you, Google). She wants to learn to use a drop spindle, so we'll sit in the Little Red Barn and play with wool. Sounds like a great way to start a Friday morning.

In farm tech news, I got a new camera AND a new MP3 player. So I'm wired for sound, and ready to shoot some great photos. (Lucy posed above for one of the first photos with the new Canon.) Wish I could come up with a great high-tech way to deal with the manure. Until then, it's just me and my trusty janitor pan.

Hmm. Can't leave you with that nasty visual. Hang on - Shadrach want's to say hi. Don't be shy, Shad - give us a kiss!


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