Our Chicken Tribes

Over the last couple of years, our chickens have come in little bunches. The first bunch was brooded in the house--raised from day-old chicks until they were old enough to live outside. This little group came from the feed store: 5 Barred Rocks, 2 Ameraucanas (Leah and Rachel), and a silly Rhode Island Red (Lydia). The Barred Rocks looked too much alike to name individually, but I called them all Deborah. We also bought 2 layers from friends - one Barred Rock and one RIR--Mary and Martha. Over time, we lost a few to predators and natural causes - Mary passed on in her sleep one night. So this little group is now five gals who live in their own chicken coop/stall in the barn. Through a little door in the coop they leave in the morning to free range and then return at night to sleep. I learned the hard way that the little door must be faithfully latched at night, or predators can come and wreak havoc.


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