Sheep Drencher, by Pampered Chef

Just what is this thing? Many people use it to press cookie dough onto a cookie sheet in fanciful shapes.

Not me.

You know me better than that. The other day, when I had a sheep bloat (his stomach inflated like a beachball) from an accidental overfeeding, my specialized livestock equipment went into action. Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep says that one of the best ways to treat this potentially deadly situation is to administer a slurry of water, vegetable oil and baking soda. Now, sheep won't drink this voluntarily (can you blame them?) so it has to be forced, and better sooner than later. Thinking quickly, I grabbed the tool that seemed the best way to get this life-saving elixer into my reluctant patient. You got it, the expensive Pampered Chef cookie press. I don't have photos of the experience, unfortunately - my hands were quite full - but I'm happy to report that the operation was a success. Zacchaeus is back to his old self, and we are all very relieved. And the cookie press is moving from the baking tools drawer, where it never saw the light of day, out to the sheep first aid kit, where it is worth its weight in gold.


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