Weather or Not

Chores. Equal parts joy and challenge. Today, I looked out on a beautiful sight - yesterday's sleet and ice had changed in to a wonderful world of mist and rime. The air was cold, but still. And everybody was hungry. Overcoming the urge to curl up with a blanket and a hot cup of tea, I bundled up and ventured out. The sheep are always overjoyed to see me, bucking and cavorting like babies. The donkeys are the most vocal - braying a deafening, "Where have you been? Our trough is empty!" The alpacas are pretty patient, for the most part, except Moonstruck, who whines when he sees me like a three year old at Toys R Us. Of the chickens, only Victor makes much of a fuss, particularly on a foggy day when it's safer for them to stay cooped up.

Now the chores are done, and I think I will have that cup of tea.


  1. Great photo of the Donkeys. It should be on a calendar!

  2. It was beautiful this morning, wasn't it? My donkey had frost on his mane! Tried to get pics, but he was too busy eating to pose.

  3. What a wonderful picture. It reminds me of the high mountains in the Andes when my cousin was taking lambs from Chile to Argentina. Usually "arrieros" mount horses but the donkeys bring the food!

  4. Greatest. Picture. Ever.


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