Hold the presses, it's a new blog post. Seems like I let the entire calendar year of 2008 get by without a single blog post. OK, that's got to change.

The farm business plan continues to evolve - if not in physical reality, at least in my brain. I guess a bunch of stuff happened last year, and I'll try to highlight them as the urge strikes, but I'm not going to vow to run a chronological re-cap of the year because that, well, was less than successful in 2007.

So, fresh start, new year, new posts, new photos. As the Spirit leads - and let's see if we can't unjam this bottleneck.

OK. Today we had a short blast of winterish weather. 32 degrees and steady misty-rain. I let the chickens out because I hoped they'd use their little pea brains, plus survival instinct, to decided when to stay out and when to pop back under the cover of their respective shelters. Some did stay dry, but others got wet as drowned rats. I hope they don't freeze or catch cold overnight. They sleep in a pile, so maybe they'll be warm enough. I worry about my critters - sometimes too much, sometimes not enough. It's part of the learning curve and it takes a lot of energy.

Right now, I'm embarking on the big Spin-Off judging for the regional alpaca show to be held in Ft. Worth in February. I have a lot of samples to spin and judge in the next couple of weeks, which means lots of time in the Red Barn. That's not a bad thing.

Also working on developing something like Susan is doing with her fiber farm on the island of Martha's Vineyard--a fiber CSA (community supported agriculture) where she pre-sells shares of her wool harvest. I know that could work here at Jacob's Reward. Got to do some planning.

Nothing but potential around here - fiber and felt in the barn, empty garden waiting to be planted, sheep and alpacas in the pasture growing fresh fleece. Life is good, if a little damp and cold right now.


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