I'm posting this photo as a way to stay accountable for the chaos that has become my studio. True, I'm preparing for a big spinning and knitting retreat this coming weekend, where I will be peddling my alpaca rovings, various fibery gift items and accessories, and my new Fiber CSA. Stuff has been pulled out of bins and off shelves and strewn about hither and thither. But still. This is a big mess. Monday after the retreat I'll be attempting to have a spinning class in this very room, so something will have to be done about the disorder. By Tuesday, I hope to have an "After" photo for you, to show how far I've come. Long term, I hope to pare down to just the stuff I use regularly, and have a "retail" area set up at the front of the studio. I dream big.


  1. Oh, Cindy, it seems we have more in common than either of us thought!


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