Caution: Extreme Cuteness

Just a quick note tonight - our trip down to Bedias to meet Kim and Garth Travis, and our new lamb Mordecai, was a complete success. It made for a long day down and back, but what fun we had! Rose Colored Forest Farm is a fascinating place, and a showcase for sustainable living techniques and technology - solar panels, composting toilets, raised vegetable beds and aquaponic growing systems. The place is completely organic and homemade from head to toe. I enjoyed meeting all the farm's animal life: an ancient cat and rescue dogs, fuzzy bunnies, Dexter and Jersey cattle and Gulf Coast Native sheep. The stiff wind never stopped blowing, but the air was as warm as a day in May.

And we gently gathered up our little boy, Mordecai for his "procedure." He handled it like a pro, never letting out a peep until we set him back on his feet and sent him to rejoin his mother. I have a bit of video for you of that happy reunion, but it's late now, so I'll save that for tomorrow. Do check back - it's uber adorable.


  1. Ohhhh, those feets! I want to nibble them, and give him snuggles on his wooly little neck.

    Is he going to eventually come home to JRF with you, or will he be in Bedias permanently?

  2. The great news, Chris, is that he will come to live here after he is weaned, in about three months - yippee! And hopefully, he won't be alone. I have purchased three boys, it just depends on who gets born. Kim will e-mail me the minute she has other lambs on the ground. And of course, you will be the second to know!


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