Feeding Time

Another mini movie about life on the farm. Daughter Emma loves to help with chores. OK, well, she loves being in MOVIES about doing chores on the farm.

In other news, our four Gulf Coast Native ram lambs all have names, thanks to our awesome shareholders. Yes, I said "four." Our friend Kim had six ewe lambs and four ram lambs, and I absolutely could not let one of those rams end up in somebody's freezer. Our GC fiber flock consists of Mordecai, Eli, Ezra, and Isaac, and they will be coming home to Jacob's Reward Farm around the second weekend in May, after they are weaned. They. Are. So. Cute.


  1. Great names! Sheep destined for a great life on a blessed farm with truly wonderful owners!
    Can't wait to return for a day on Jacob's Reward Farm.

  2. That's so funny that "Isaac" was in the bunch . . . that name was on my list! Alas, I have a friend named Isaac, so it didn't seem right to name a lamb after him (my Isaac is most assuredly un-lamblike).

  3. Names are funny. I wanted to name my daughter "Rose" but Ted had grown up with a neighbor lady named Rose who was a total ...witch. Ruined the name for him forever.

    When I think of "Isaac" I remember a big Corriedale ram of Leef Bloomenstiel's. But the name chosen is actually "Itzhak" which is the Hebrew version of the name. I just had to go google how to spell it!


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