Meeting Myself Coming and Going

This has been a wild week. So many appointments and obligations. And today was oppressively hot - for February. I think we peaked at 85 degrees. That's just not right.

But nevermind - there's stuff to be done! Right now, it's all about Saturday. Some of our shareholders have RSVP-ed for our first big Herd Health day, and I'd like to make a decent impression ;-). I haven't yet even gotten my new livestock scale out of the box it was mailed here in, and I really hate surprises. So tomorrow, first thing, I'll pull it out and maybe give it a test run. Must get the forms ready to fill out the critters' weights, and make sure my toenail clippers are sharp. Fortunately, the studio is still pretty tidy from having company last weekend (whew) and I worked on the flower beds just a little bit, earlier today. The perennials are still asleep - it IS February - so they're not putting on much of a show just yet. I've even washed the halters and lead ropes that had gotten very dusty hanging in the tack room.

I do need to let people know that once they are shareholders, they aren't really company any more - they're more like family. Meaning, that on their first visit the place looks kind of nice, by farm standards. On their second and subsequent visits, they may get handed a rake or a shovel or a trowel. Just another of the many perks...

The fun news: Our friend, Kim in Bedias sent photos of the four Gulf Coast Native lambs she's raising for me to weaning. They just got their name tags punched in their ears, and boy do they look funny! Kim says Mordecai, the oldest lamb, is getting really big. Impossible to pick a favorite - or can you? Here's a picture of little Itzhak. What a doll! Sorry to cut your head off, Kim, but you know, it's all about the lambs... ;-)


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