Name the New Baby

This baby doesn't have a name yet. I will give my first CSA shareholder the privilege of naming Baby #1 with the Bible name of his/her choice, as long as we don't already have that name in use here at Jacob's Reward. Step right up, folks - buy a share and name the baby!

I got the call the other day that our first Gulf Coast Native ram lamb was born, and yesterday, the breeder, Kim, sent me this photo. That's Baby #1 with his mom, Dotty. It's Dotty's first baby, and I'd say she did a champion job, wouldn't you? We hope to get a total of three little boys from this breeder's crop this year. They will all be wethered (neutered) so that their only agenda item each day of their lives will be to grow wonderful wool. Looking at Dotty, I think we'll be very pleased. Next year's wool crop will have a nice Gulf Coast Native component. GCN sheep are a rare breed, beautifully suited to our hot, humid climate, plus they grow very nice fiber.
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  1. I would love to purchase a CSA, but can't right now--was just laid off from TI last week. Plus I don't spin, so the cost would probably be prohibitive. I'm a MVFF shareholder and this is a great idea. Hope you do well with it.

  2. Hi Grandmatutu (Mary), thanks so much for checking in. So sorry to hear about your job - it's a terrible time for that right now. Thanks for your well wishes. I notice on your blog that you go to Christ Church! My family belonged there for 7 years and I served on the vestry. I went with the folks to Faith Church in Allen as a mission off-shoot of Christ Church. Small world!

  3. EEEE! The cuteness! It's killing me!

  4. Cindy, I've found over the years that it is, indeed, a very small world. We've been at Christ Church for 4 years now and really do love it. I'll have to look up Faith Church-is it also Anglican? I still am going to knit with a group of TI'ers and told them about your CSA today--I think some of them are thinking of going in together and buying a share--only one is interested in spinnin, the others are only interested in the yarn (like me) :O) I think the CSA prototype for fiber is so perfect--I also think Susan Gibbs is about a genius to have thought of it--it's brilliant! I like that you're so close?

  5. Mary, thank you for promoting the CSA with your knitting pals at TI - that's wonderful. I am close, so if you'd like to come out and see the farm sometime, please give me a shout. Susan Gibbs has done us all a tremendous service! And yes, Faith Church is Anglican - under the Southern Cone. God bless.


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