The Night Before

I think I'm all set for the Herd Health Day that will start tomorrow at 10 AM. Today I raked up a lot of manure (sorry, it happens) - in fact I raked paddocks for several hours until I was afraid I'd never be able to lift my arms tomorrow, and made myself stop. Then I worked on cleaning the public areas of the house because the insurance lady from Farm Bureau Ins. was coming to work on some details of our new policy... (I really feel like a farmer now!) Add to all that coming and going to school and then taking Emma to a sleep over, which probably put 75 miles on the car, and I got a little whiney by the end of the day.

But engineer Ted helped me calibrate the new schmancy livestock scale, so that's a big worry off my shoulders. It will be challenging enough getting each of the sheep and alpacas on and off of that thing without worrying about how to make it work. I hope to get some fun pictures tomorrow. Ted is also good at that part so I may delegate the job to him.

Kind of dark to take a good picture of my new scale right now, but it's never too late to post another cute lamb picture, so tonight, here's little Eli and once again, poor Headless Kim. Eli will be easy to pick out of the flock of four because of his little brown spotted socks.
Now, I'm thinking of doing something really screwball--going to bed before 11 PM. I hear there are several parts of the world where this happens. I've never been there, but what the heck, it will be an adventure. So, here's your lamb pic - and I'll talk to you again tomorrow!


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