Off to the Woods

Tomorrow I'm off to a knitting and spinning retreat to take a class or two, meet some new fiber friends, and spread the news about our Fiber CSA here at Jacob's Reward. I've been working pretty steadily for a couple of weeks getting all my things together, and here it is, the night before, and I'm still gluing knitting sheep magnets together. It's good to sit down at the computer, because I'm a bit lightheaded from the fumes. Love that E-6000. Sticks anything to anything else. Amazing. But stinky.

More Gulf Coast Native lambs keep coming. Yesterday I got news that our friend Kim in Bedias had three sets of twins born after the storm blew through! We'll have our pick from several nice ram lambs, and so there will be more who need names! Buy a share of the 2009 fiber harvest, and get your chance to name the lamb!

Not sure if this retreat center has internet access, or even if I'd lug the laptop with me if it did, on top of everything else, so I may not get to check in for a few days. But so you'll not despair, I'll leave you with another fun picture of our Mordecai that I took nearly a week ago.

Later, gators.


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