Pearl of Great Price

I find myself in possession of a precious treasure. Many people have told me how valuable this treasure is, and I have basked in the blessing of owning and enjoying it. But it's time for me to stop hogging it all for myself. It's time to share. Share the bounty, the beauty, the labor, the harvest.

The treasure is, of course, The Farm. So many of my friends have told me how awesome it is to be able to come out here and clear their city-cluttered minds and hearts, and drink in the peace and earthy richness of The Farm. So, today, I'm announcing a new program here at Jacob's Reward where people can participate in the life of the farm, sharing in its labor and in its reward.

Through the Community Supported Agriculture model, you can now buy a "share" of the Jacob's Reward's fiber harvest, and enjoy lots of farmy pleasures along the way. I've put a lot of information on the website, so, if this piques your interest -- if you feel a tug on your heart to become a laborer with me in this homesteading adventure and share the harvest -- jog over to the website and read all about it. There's enough in this abundant world for all of us!


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