Perfect Storm

Whew. That was close. A very big storm line pounded us earlier this evening, causing a lot of damage up in Oklahoma and even in parts of the DFW metroplex. I had heard something like this could hit, so this morning I shored up the Jacob sheep's shelter (which is an embarassing conflagration of chain link panels, baling wire and tarps -- I kid you not) in case we got the predicted hail. Sheep aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer on a good day, and you sure don't want to risk a head injury; a couple of good bonks and it's over.

But here in Parker, we seem to have avoided the worst of the squall. The sirens went off as a warning, but by God's grace, no funnel clouds appeared, no hail fell. Tomorrow morning it is going to be pretty soggy, and it will most certainly be a job for the Tall Boots. Everybody's grumpy on a soggy morning, but breakfast cheers them up a little.

Right now, it's time to head for bed and the deep sleep of someone who has been spared a really nasty night. Thank you, Lord.


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