Sheep-Pig Hybrids Have Bad Manners

Today I had a visit from Dawn, from the riotously popular podcast, "KnitNaturally." I want to talk about what a fun day we had touring the farm, meeting the animals, and flirting with a drop spindle, but I'm falling down tired. I'll give Dawn the attention she deserves tomorrow.

In the meantime, I will also show you a mini movie where I feed the three piglet-sheep in the northwest pen. Warning: my language gets a bit salty at the end. Not my fault. Shadrach thinks he's a really fuzzy chihuahua, and jumps up with his nasty feet on my shirt. Bad sheep. Shad was born in that little hut, while I watched, nearly a year ago, and he knows he's just about my favorite. But he's a Cheeky Monkey.


  1. I am currently living in a very different part of the world, but I plan to farm when I get back to the states. I found your blog recently,read the whole thing and just want to let you know I really admire what you’re doing. I’m also a weaver and spinner, and LOVE alpacas. I hope to have some in my future as well. Anyhow, just wanted to say hi and the donkey bray at the end of this clip made me super happy. Here in Morocco I hear that nonstop!

  2. Hi Briana (waves to Morocco!),
    Thanks so much for dropping in! Please come back and let us know what the donkeys are like over there! Do you get good fiber to spin and knit? Would love to have you keep in touch!


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