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Yesterday, as I alluded to previously, I was visited by a wonderful new friend, Dawn, from the other side of town who has a very fun podcast called "KnitNaturally." She has a following on Ravelry, and best of all, she's a fellow groupie of my mentor, Susan Gibbs. Dawn came to learn about the farm, the CSA, the animals, and just what we are all about. I just now listened to her podcast report from her visit, and I'm so flattered by all the nice things she had to say. I'm glad she learned so much and enjoyed hanging out. I'm going to stay on her to learn to spin. She's already an accomplished knitter, so she's ready to go.

On our visit we met all the sheep, chickens, alpacas and donkeys, and spent some time in the Red Barn (which she re-named the Ladybug Lodge, because of that freak swarming I had a couple of months ago and still have a cloud of beetles in the light fixtures. Ick.) The Red Barn was recently tidied up with a huge amount of help from my friend Laurie. Laurie joined us for the visit on Saturday and provided the fantastic quiche with fresh chard from her garden. She has the Midas touch in the kitchen!

Dawn is as funny and personable in person as she sounds on her podcast - and so we had quite the time. (Jealous? I'm still laughing over her episode on the Woolie Ewe sale!) Apparently she's investigating the possibility of having her own alpacas someday in the not-to-distant future. Well, Dawn, I'm here to enab --- I mean, help. Got questions? Fire away!

They say that if you ever see a turtle up on a fencepost, you can be pretty sure he didn't get there by himself. And friends, we're doing great things here at Jacob's Reward Farm, but I'm not doing any of it by myself. Couldn't do it without my precious friends and family. Let's keep at it. As they say in Narnia, "Further in and farther up!"

Thanks for loving the farm!


  1. And Thank YOU for sharing your farm with us, and giving us the chance to fll in love with all you've been given and all you are doing! Can't wait to see what's next....


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