Train Up a Child

Yesterday we got to have our Godkids visit for a few hours while their parents were occupied. This was great fun for me, because I love to show kids around the farm and watch their faces light up as we move from paddock to paddock. Most kids love animals, so there's plenty to see around here. This is a picture of my Godkid, Alyssa, who has just collected her first egg. We collected about 15 before we were through, and she was busting her buttons with pride. She tramped through the barn, feed room and pasture to get all those eggs, and she had questions about all the different animals. She liked the fuzzy alpacas, and wished they liked being petted more. She had to evade the advances of the donkeys because she had the smell of apples on her hands that the donks found irresistable. She saw the group of Marans hens and Victor the rooster, and asked, "What kind of chicken is THAT?" It was a great teaching time.

Kids also are very candid about what's on their minds. She asked me when we were going to move to a bigger house. I told her that we really like our little house, and that our little house has lots of yard for our animals to live in. Oh, that made sense. She got it that we couldn't have all these cool critters if we lived where the big houses are. I think she decided that we had made the right choice.


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