Again, I have emerged from the annual Battle with Bureaucracy and have prevailed. I was IM-ing my sister (an accounting major) last night and remarked, "when you need a graduate degree to correctly pay your taxes to the government, something is not right." We run-of-the-mill citizenry should be able to contribute our part without this much duress. Of course, part of it is my fault. I need to keep better records, and keep them up throughout the year, so that it's not like engaging the forces of Mordor when Turbo Tax and I face up to the job.

But it's over for another year and I'm ready to move on. Spring is busy for farmers with weather changes (have I mentioned how challenging I find spring MUD?), shearing duties, babies coming, gardens needing planting, etc.

I look up and it's time to head to Tyler, TX for the annual Wildflower Fiber Retreat, and so today I'm packing up all the goodies for the damp drive tomorrow. I do enjoy the opportunity to meet new folks, spread the Fiber CSA joy, and actually sit at my wheel and make some yarn. It IS a retreat, after all.

When I get back, it will be Spring Break and I'll have some out-of-town company - a friend from Austin who is a joy to have around. Emma is off school, of course, so I'll get more time with her. As she gets older, I enjoy her company more and more. She's a great kid.


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