"Freely You Have Received; Freely Give."

That's from the Bible (Matthew 10:8). And I felt very strongly that those words were my marching orders today. Little did I know! Before the day was out, I had gotten calls from a kindergarten teacher who wanted a wool/sheep/spinning demonstration, a lady with two pet sheep in desperate need of shearing, and a newspaper reporter wondering what all the fuss was about regarding these CSA-thingys. My original to-do list was severely ammended, but I got the chance to visit with some great folks who had needs I could fill. What satisfaction! A sign by my desk says in pretty caligraphy, "Listen More, Talk Less." Today I got to practice this, and what a blast it was.

I have freely received so much. I look around me, especially on a drop-dead beautiful day like today, and I can hardly believe my overwhelming fortune - family, health, enough to eat, freedom, friends, prosperity, land, loveable critters, kindred spirits in the fiber world, mentors, peace and security of soul... the list goes on and on.

What option is there but to give back out again?

So I invite you to come to the farm - drink in its peace. Stroke the woolly back of a sheep and hear him bleat, visit with the hens who have an opinion about everything, smell the garden earth, damp from the rain, watch the stately alpacas glide across the pasture. This gift that was entrusted to me, I am honored to share with you. And let's take the gift of fiber from the animals, shape it into unique creations, and share that with others! If you have a willing heart and hands, I can teach you how to make yarn and fabric from wool and fiber. What a gift we've all been given!

The forecast for this Saturday looks sunny and fair. Tim Daugherty of Paca D'Lites Alpaca Ranch has agreed to come help us vaccinate the alpacas and worm them, since they were exposed to lots of other animals at shearing on Sunday. This is just a precaution, but it might save a lot of grief in the future. We'll need lots of hands to help hold and walk the haltered boys, and then we can get our mitts on the freshly shorn fleeces!

The harvest is beginning! It's not too late to get your share!


  1. You know I'll be there! Same bat time? Or are we starting earlier with so much fun planned?

  2. Hey Chris, let's plan on the same time (10 AM) unless I hear something different from Tim. If that happens, I'll put the word out here and on Ravelry... See you then!!


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