Giving and Receiving

Clear your calendar: This Saturday we'll halter up the alpacas again and try to get their weights and all their toenails trimmed. If I can pull it off, I'll give their CD&T shots as well. If you can come, you'll be able to see our new bottle lambs, which will come close to inducing a sugar coma from sheer cuteness. As you'll recall, we are caring for Itzhak, our wether-boy and his twin sister, Mary. (Special announcement: because of a designated gift from a new shareholder, "Mary" is now "Mary-Elizabeth" and will be staying at Jacob's Reward Farm!)

Because it really is more blessed to give than to receive, we'll be collecting food items on Saturday which will be given to the Allen Community Outreach food pantry. If you can bring an item or more to donate, I'll take your picture with the alpaca of your choice, and e-mail it to you! Families of Allen will thank you for your kind generosity. The way to overcome the fear of poverty is to give to others. The antidote to greed is generosity. If you think there isn't enough (stuff, money, security, love, food) for you to be happy, you must begin giving some away. All the chatter about our tanked economy might encourage us to draw into ourselves. I pray we will resist that urge and instead, reach out with some of the resources we have. This downturn shall pass, and when it does, where will we be--withdrawn and bitter or content and full of love?


  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Very exciting! Glad you're going to get to keep her!


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