Good Day, Sunshine!

In answer to my personal prayers, the sun has come out and made the cold weather so much more bearable. Ted helped me with chores this morning which was so nice since it was dark, cold, and the gusting winds (25-32 mph) really added to the challenge. Seemed like all the heavy lifting needed doing. Ted even helped me bottle-feed the lambs in the Red Barn. What a sport!

Now it's afternoon and the sun is really helping my outlook on life. Emma helped me by walking the lambs while I cleaned out their crate. Wow. Farmer versus ammonia! While the lambs were getting some sun and stretching their legs, I got a picture of the meeting of the alpacas and the sheep. Everyone was very curious about the others.
I'm off now to get all my details attended to for shearing tomorrow. Keely is picking us up in her truck and trailer very early in the morning. Mary Berry is coming along to help out and get her feet wet in the world of alpacas. I need to make up name cards for each of the alpacas, to go in their respective fiber bags. This helps a lot in sorting out the fiber once it's bagged and collected with all the others. I need to make sure I have halters and lead ropes all sized and ready to snap onto the boys so we can lead them nicely into the trailer. I also want to take a bunch of mini-muffins along to share with all the hard workers involved in this amazing adventure. And of course, I need my camera to document the whole affair.

So, next time you hear from me, it will be with reports of our awesome fiber harvest. Film and video to follow.


  1. Anonymous8:14 PM

    If you end up putting them in an enclosure for very long, you need to get some of this horse bedding I use for the rabbits. Cheap, and it soaks up ammonia like nobody's business!

  2. Hopefully, they'll go back into their pen tomorrow. Even now, though it's cold, the wind is mostly gone and it is downright comfortable out there. I'm so amazed at what just WIND will do! Whew. I almost feel like the beatings have stopped!


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