I'm Off

I'm off for the weekend, so I won't be able to blog again until I return Sunday night. But then, I'll have a load of reports from the Wildflower Fiber Retreat. The weather will be brisk and damp - perfect for sitting in the lodge bundled in our woollen wraps, spinning, knitting, and swapping good yarns. Both kinds. (Pictured are my friends Julie, Liz and Joanne at the retreat in 2006). Once I get the truck loaded and hook up with my caravan buddies, the "retreat" will officially start for me.

In the meantime, I need to get Emma to school and leave plenty of instruction about the animals while I'm gone, so this will be short.

Please remember our friends Kim and Garth down in Bedias in your prayers - they suffered a terrible dog attack on their sheep day before yesterday and had five ewes injured - one has passed away. Miraculously, none of the lambs were injured, but now Kim is bottle feeding Itzhak and his twin sister, Mary. This is a busy time for them, as they mainly grow vegetables for a living, and need to be spending a lot of time in the garden right about now. Pray that the other ewes recover and that the lambs continue to grow and develop normally. Kim tells me the dogs will not be coming back.

This farming life always carries a significant risk of loss and of heartache. Fortunately, in the larger scope, the joy greatly outweighs the pain. Kind of like life. Have a great weekend!


  1. Ooooh, the retreat sounds FUN! One of these days I will make it out there . . .

    That's such sad news about the ewes . . .

  2. Fiber, Friends, AND Wildflowers! Oh, that sounds delightful. Sorry about your friends' sheep. That's rough. Farm life definitely has it's ups & downs. Like a roller coaster.


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