It's All About the Fiber!

Sometimes as a shepherd, I get so caught up in animal care and fiber harvesting that I forget that I love to knit and spin. How long has it been since I gave myself permission to just sit down and use my own fiber? I don't know if other fiber farmers are ever in this situation, but I had collected quite a stash of store-bought yarn in my early knitting years. When I would take a project out to work on in public, people would look at my work and say, "Oh, is that from your sheep or alpacas?" Hmmm. Pink eyelash. Uh, no, this is from the store. The shame, the shame. I'd hang my head and wonder why I wasn't using the glorious wools and alpaca fibers that grew on my own farm.

So I made a commitment to use my own fibers in public and knit down the non-wool stash for gifts, or give it away. So that is my long term commitment. However, knitting of any kind has been shelved often lately just because of the pressing shepherd-y tasks, and so I'm not working the stash down like I had wanted. But tomorrow's another day and we'll try again then. The first job is to take a look at where I am presently.

On the needles right now: too many UFOs to admit to. I did pull 2-3 out so that I'd see them and be inspired to pick them up and finish them in the next several weeks. On my wheel right now: white Suri alpaca from Ann Mayes. Thanks to the Wildflower Retreat last weekend, I actually took time to get a bunch spun. It is really lovely - clean, soft, and shiny. I'm anxious to ply it and let it age for a bit while I decide what to make out of it. Oooooh, just had a thought. I may have to add BEADS to this yarn. That would be so beautiful! And knit a pretty winter scarflette or something.

What are you knitting? What is on your wheel? Do you find yourself getting too busy to do the craft you love? How do you make time in your day to keep at it? Do you find yourself drawn to the same kinds of colors or fibers? I do - I'm a nut for autumn shades, particularly olive green. Just can't get enough of it. You won't find much pink in my stash. Aren't people funny like this? Sometimes I challenge myself to think outside my usual tastes. The yarn pictured above is the result of one of those stretching moments. It's spun from gorgeous handpainted alpaca and silk roving I got on Etsy. I really love the fiber - stretching is good!

Herd Health Day is tomorrow morning, and I'm really looking forward to it. But I'm dreaming about picking up my trusty Harmony needles from Knit Picks, and making some stitches! Which project will it be???


  1. The too busy thing? Oh yeah!! Totally . . . as a matter of fact, I don't think I've touched my wheel since around January!

    I too find myself drawn to similar colors/fibers . . . I have so much green yarn in my stash it's not even funny! And last year at MSWF, I kept finding myself picking up dyed fiber that was, you guessed it, GREEN.

    The spun fiber you show reminds me a lot of the yarn I used for my Clapotis . . .

  2. I have a pink cardi for my daughters, that i had in time out and finally came out back yesterday, a teddy bear that I have redone so many times because I cant get the head right, and a tub top that I REALLY REALLY would love to wear but the lace section scares me a little.
    no too many knitting UFO's but challenging ones, in the other hand, I make little cold porcelain things to sale and I have a flower and an Elvis order, and Im embroidering a nursery rhyme on a blankie for baby, AHH!!! and I dont even have a farm!

    Im on my way to be healthier too! Ive been going to excercise 3 times a week now and feel all kinds of sore but I know it will be good



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