Looking For a Few Good Egg Recipes

If we chat for any length of time, it may come up that cooking is not my gift. I do a lot of things fairly well, but I have no passion for the kitchen. I used to be pretty embarassed about it, but I have come to terms. But, I know you do have that passion! YOU love to imagine and create culinary beauty out of stuff you find in the fridge. I stand amazed. I bow to your prowess. And I want to harness your exquisite skill.

I'd like to publish a small booklet of egg recipes to mail out to all our friends and soon-to-be friends, and your friends and anyone who might enjoy eggs. If people buy our eggs, I want them to have some cool ideas about how to use them. These can be main dish recipes, dessert recipes, drink recipes - the sky's the limit. Remember that these will be coming from our farm, so "homey" might be a good theme. Homey and egg-y. I will compile these recipes, group them by category, and print them up in a pretty booklet. You will get full credit (name, website, blog, fan club contact) for each recipe, a free copy of the completed booklet, and my undying thanks.

Think of the glory! This could be your stepping stone to Julia-Child-household-name stature! Let me help launch your career as a professional chef and recipe writer. E-mail me your egg recipe(s), what you like about it, any other pertinent information, and your mailing address so I can send your copy out as soon as the booklet is finished. I'd love to know if this is a family recipe, or one you've adapted from a well-worn cookbook. Let's be careful not to infringe on anyone's copyright. Drop me a line here with your recipe: ctelisak@juno.com. I'll take submissions until I get 10-12 great ones to fill our little booklet.

!Buen apetito!


  1. Hi,

    I feel eggs are invaluable when you want to make a quick and easy dinner. Omelets filled with ham and cheese is truly exotic recipe. Anyways thanks for sharing such informative post.

  2. Ooooh, yummy egg recipes! I will email you some of my faves (though to call them "recipes" might be a stretch). Hopefully Laurie will pony up her quiche recipe, too!!


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