Of Wildflowers and Legends

Another reason to love Texas: Bluebonnets. I think they're actually a little early this year, maybe because of our rash of 80+ degree days the past couple of weeks. But Bluebonnets tell us it's time for the Wildflower Fiber Retreat in Tyler, and that soon, the hillsides around the metroplex will be littered with families and dogs in their Sunday best posing for pictures. In fact, it usually means Easter is not far away. This year the Bluebonnets are early and Easter is later, but no matter - spring is almost here.

The air has gone warm and muggy and the sky hangs heavy with clouds. Rain has been in the forecast since Sunday, but it has yet to materialize. The likelihood increases tonight, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't wake up to wet ground. As much as I hate mud, we need this rain badly. The livestock load on my pasture will increase this year and I need all the grass I can get.

And just now, the sky got a bit darker, as I learn of the passing of a Texas fiber hero, Bill Wyatt of Wyatt Wheel fame. Bill's wheels are gorgeous tools, crafted with the mastery of the woodworker's skill, and they will continue to stand as his legacy for decades to come. I met Mr. Wyatt twice - once at Kid N Ewe in Boerne, TX, and the other time at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (where he is pictured, teaching a willing learner all the amazing features of the Pegasus). He had a soft, easy way about him that invited you to come, sit, and experience spinning at one of his custom-built Rolls Royce wheels. My prayers and condolences go out for his wife, Lynn and all those around him who loved and were loved by him. Rest in peace, Mr. Wyatt.

Spring is almost here - the time of rejuvenation and rebirth.


  1. Anonymous10:28 AM

    I thought about you as I walked through the chilly rain into my building this morning for work. Gone are those warm spring temperatures where it's "easy" to get out and tend to the stock...today is one of those days where you shiver and hurry! I imagine that beautiful little bluebonnet (great picture, by the way) is shivering in the chilly rain. Bundle up and stay warm today!

  2. Yes, it's a bit nippy out there right now, and soggy, but I reminded myself as I leaned into the wetness, that we really need this rain, and that come July and August, we'll be missing it again. Does sort of encourage one to spend the day with the fuzzy slippers on and with a steaming cup of coffee or tea at hand.

  3. Bluebonnets, YES! Cold, wet weather, YES!
    Coffee, YESSSSS! August, not yet, please.
    I'll bet the alpacas are diggin' on one last chill in their winter's coats, and the sheep are, too. I know I am. Happy slogging, Cindy.

  4. Gorgeous Bluebonnet Cindy! I am sorry to hear of Bill's passing. I never did get to meet him, but have seen his artwork in the construction of his absolutely wonderful wheels. He was a man of quality. He will be missed.

  5. Thanks, Joanne - I'm glad I got that Bluebonnet picture before the rains hit! Not sure WHEN the sky will clear in the near future! But the best display is yet to come. I could hardly find one big enough to photograph. They have a ways to go yet... In a week or two they will be spectacular!


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