Public Service Announcement: Change Your Clocks!

I hope it isn't too late to remind you to push your clocks ahead an hour before you go to sleep. It means an hour less sleep tonight, usually, so now, don't read any more. Just shut down your computer and go to bed.

Unless you're reading this after Saturday night, and you've already woken up late and cursed, and rushed to get dressed to make it to church on time, or to your golf game, or to the corner bakery for a bagel and the paper. In that case...

Have a nice day!

PS - sheep don't care what time it is, unless you're late with the goods.


  1. WE got up at 6am yesterday for church, and worked on breakfast for 45 minutes before we noticed our kitchen clock said quarter to 6! We are (thankfully) blessed with a bedroom alarm that does the changing on its own. The other clocks need changing.
    I wish I'd remembered that last night when I thought I was going to bed at the late hour of 12:30am. Turns out it was really 1:30am, and we hadn't gotten around to changing those other clocks yet!
    This morning, despite 2 cups of regular coffe, I really wanted a nap!

  2. I'm glad there was no mishap at your house, Melody! Ted and I both made a point of changing our alarm clocks because we both had responsibility at church the next day and didn't want to blow it. What we face NOW is trying to remember which clocks have been changed, and not changing them twice. It's happened before. Long story...


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