Sabbath Rest

I usually give myself Sunday off from blogging, but I wanted to show you more pictures from our fun Herd Health Day yesterday. Out of Laurie's large collection, here is a shot of Ted and me cornering Lucy and convincing her that she won't die if we put a halter on her. She did lead better than I expected, but a couple of times she leapt into the air, did a triple Salchow and landed on her back. I wish she wouldn't try to show off like that. A simple step-ball-change would suffice. For your peace of mind, no sheep were harmed during Herd Health Day, unless you get legalistic about me quicking Zacchaeus' hoof with the trimmers. I've already done my penance, so let it go.

Tomorrow begins a new week. I pray it is a good one for you.


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