The Sun Came Out - It Must be Time to Pronk

After our rains yesterday, the boys were a little fidgity from being cooped up in the barn. I don't lock them up, but they stay in the stalls out of the rain. So today, they made it clear that they wanted to run out in the larger section of pasture currently occupied by the donkeys. So I let them out. Boy, howdy - did they need to run! Just watching them makes me want to kick up my own heels. But then I remember that that might put me in traction, so I defer.

I'm all packed up for my trip to the elementary school tomorrow. I'll be sure to take my camera and get some pictures of kids learning where some of their clothes come from! It's so great to watch the light bulb go on in their little heads, that clothes come from somewhere else before they come from Target. The little boys find the wheel utterly mezmorizing. The girls seem to enjoy the end product. (These are gross gender generalizations - I know. I'm just sayin'.)

The side perk to doing these little demos? I actually get to sit down at my beautiful Pippi spinning wheel and make some yarn. Don't worry, I practiced today so that I don't get there and embarass myself from being too rusty, or losing my oriface hook, or messing up the tension. Ask me why I'm so glad I practiced first this time...

Getting late... time to (what else?) feed the babies!


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