Texas Sky

I fuss about things I don't like about Texas sometimes. The temperature in August. The Cowboys' lack of moral character. The ubiquitous Big Hair. But one thing I'll never complain about is the sky at dusk. Tonight I was on my way to lock up the chicken coops and decided to grab the camera. This photo shows the typical sight off my front porch most evenings of the year. Spectacular. Not sure how it works, but if the cloud cover is just right as the sun sets, my vast horizon is painted with gaudy colors you don't expect from nature. And isn't it great to cap off the day with a reminder that God thought up what "beautiful" would look like, and he put it in our hearts to love it, too. Wow.

The chores are done for today. So pull up that rocker and your cup of tea, and let's enjoy the show.


  1. You got that one right!! I had to leave the baseball field last - just waiting for the show in the sky to fade. For some reason tonight, the entire sky was washed with color. Fabulous!
    I'm soooo glad YOU caught the picture. I didn't. THANKS for sharing "beautiful!"

  2. I saw that sunset, too, and remarked to Hub how incredible it was!


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