Wow, you guys. I'm back from the Wildflower Fiber Retreat where we had an incredible time, and I learned a couple of new things and saw lots of old friends. I have pictures. Then today I picked up two Gulf Coast native lambs who need bottle feeding. Then I picked up a friend at the airport who will be with us for the week. And I'm nodding off at the computer from fatigue. So, for the moment, I'm going to post one lamb picture, to tide you over, and then tomorrow I'll put up photos of the retreat, and more lamb photos. As Arnold Schwarzenegger has said, "I'll be back." (Pictured: Zacchaeus welcomes one of the twins, Mary, to Jacob's Reward Sheep Spa.)


  1. Verrrry sweet! Welcome, Mary...looking forward to meeting you and your brother.

  2. EEEE! Cute baby lambie pie! I can't wait to meet them on Saturday . . .


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