Warm Lambs

Yep - another post about the lambs.

The weather turned very cold today - expected to bottom out in the mid 30s tonight with really strong winds. Of course, all our critters are in full fiber, so there's no worries about them. They have plenty of hay to eat and generate heat overnight. But the little lambs do not have that benefit (they have a staple length of about .75" right now), and even after consulting some on-line sheep pals who said they would probably be OK outside, I just couldn't do it. I know myself better now. I would toss and turn all night with one eye open, popping up at 3 or 4 AM to go out and see if we had lambcicles in the little pen. Just not going to live like that.

I loaded the babes in their crate, lifted it into the wagon, and pulled them over to the Red Barn Studio. Laid down a large piece of plastic, and pushed the crate on to it. They are inside, out of the cold and wind. Emma and I gave them their last bottle, left a bowl of alfalfa pellets and turned off the light.

The Studio is going to need one serious airing tomorrow after that stinky crate sits there all night, but it's worth it. No lambcicles. I'll clean the crate tomorrow while the lambs enjoy the sunshine, and then they'll go back into the studio tomorrow night when the temps are supposed to drop again. After that, the temperatures come up and we're back into the "normal" range and the lambs can go back to living outside.

Farmers just have to do what farmers have to do. This is how we separate the hard core from the fair weather fiber farmers. ;-) Don't know about you, but I'm ready for some sunshine.

Alpaca shearing still to go on Sunday and then the really big jobs are behind us. Then there's the fun stuff like skirting, Easter Egg Hunt, maybe some veggie gardening, etc.

I'd like to take a sec to welcome our newest shareholders, Stacey, Ray and Brenda! Welcome, friends - I'm looking forward to having you with us. Blessings and greetings from the whole Jacob's Reward gang!


  1. Awww, lucky lambies, getting to sleep in the Red Barn! I was wondering what was going to happen with them and the cold nights . . .


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