The Animals are Organizing

Let me just say that you are going to want to tune in here to the blog over the next week or two as we unveil a seriously amazing advance in Agricultural Science. I have this friend who is a professional speaker/comedian by day, and an animal, um, trainer? whisperer? interpreter? union boss? by night. He has used his wiles and ancient arts to listen in on the thoughts and inner secrets of the animals here at Jacob's Reward. And what they have to say will shock and amaze you. Just so you know I'm not joshing you, here are the donkeys, whose favorite movie, I've learned is Shrek (go figure).

Now, who knows what deep secrets of the farm animal world we'll learn as we chase our critters with a camera, a boom mic, yards of extension cord, and a carrot or two. (They really perform better with bribes.) As I say, stay tuned for future interviews.

Let's not hit them all up with offers of representation or for personal appearances. If you want to speak to any of the animals in particular, let me know and I'll hook you up with the appropriate agent. That would be me.

In other farm news, Emma and I went to Green Elementary in Allen this afternoon to speak to about 100 kindergarteners about animals on the farm and how wool becomes sweaters. Talk about technology... I had a powerpoint presentation and a clip-on mic. For kindergarteners. Emma was my trusty techie and operated the teacher's wireless keyboard to run the slides. Next time I'll just video-conference the thing from home. Schools have come a long way since I was in kindergarten. Am I showing my age when I say I had a "Jetson" moment in that classroom?

Easter Egg Hunt here at the farm on Saturday. So far I'm expecting about 20+ little kids. It will be a chocopalooza!


  1. Waaaaay too funny! And I AM amazed... Happy Easter to all on the funny farm.

  2. Very Cute! You really do have a Funny Farm!

  3. Wow! I knew your donkeys were smart. :) About the Jetson moment: Did you curl your hair and flip up the ends too??? Was Rosie there?


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