Festival Time!

I've been preparing for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival by carding alpaca/Jacob batts, printing up info sheets, gathering other farm products, announcing the booth on Ravelry and other on-line venues, and by streamlining the daily chores so that Ted can pinch hit for me while I'm gone. That's in two weeks.

Today I learned that I have the opportunity to display my CSA board this weekend at the DFW Fiber Fest in Addison. I had thought my chances were nil to have a presence there, but our friend Diane from Fiber Circle in Farmersville graciously offered me a little corner of her booth. So now I'm putting fliers together for folks to learn more about the farm and what we do.

I really appreciate all you do to get the word out about Jacob's Reward Farm. It's still a relatively new idea in the fiber world, but catching on, and growing every day. Don't you know that if folks could hang with us just one Saturday while we play with fiber and fiber critters, that they'd be completely hooked? (Laurie's quiche doesn't hurt anything either!)

At our Easter Egg Hunt, visitor Kim Harrison took the darling picture of the lambs up there at the top of the post. Beautiful, isn't it? Kim and her son Parks got the full tour that day - Parks even helped feed the donkeys. Kim posted lots of fun pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt on her Flickr page. You guys are getting all the good shots of the farm lately - THANKS! And thank you for letting me pilfer through them for blog posts! ;-)

Please let me know if you have any ideas about how the farm can be more... fun. Any events you'd like to see? More services we could provide? (I don't do laundry or windows... just sayin'.)

I'll keep saying this, but I'm aiming at Saturday for the sheep shearing. And then I'll be working on getting all of our fiber cleaned up and ready for processing. Spinderella's turn around time is still pretty good right now, so the sooner we get the fiber to Lynn, the better.

I'm dying to spin! Carding all those beautiful batts is really giving me the itch. Some of them have sparkles! And I actually picked up my knitting needles over the weekend and came closer to finishing Emma's little bolero top. Must keep in touch with the fiber... Is it time for a SPIN IN?


  1. Gorgeous photo! And believe it or not, the farm IS fun!!! Could you keep the temp down, or maybe dig a swimming hole? Tomorrow IS the day for our weekly spin in, but I think you may have something else in mind....something long term. I've been spinning alpaca all day! Woo hoo, I've got the right friends!!!


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