Incentives and Rewards

A Ravelry group inspired me to create a coupon today. The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival group today raised the question of which vendors were offering coupons for their products at the festival. Seems these folks wisely pre-plan what events and vendors they will hit during whatever time they intend to stay at the festival, otherwise, it can be completely overwhelming. Of course, I want lots of folks to come by the Jacob Sheep Conservancy booth, so with my friend Liz's help, I got a coupon up on the website for folks to print out and use for stuff I'm selling there. You can find it here.

But not everyone who loves the farm will be going to Maryland during the first weekend in May. Not everyone who loves the farm is even on Ravelry. So I had a second idea: if you print off the coupon, just scratch out "ravelry" and "Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival" and present it to me in person. There ya go, 20% just like that.

OK, on what? Well, I'll be making lots of beautiful batts to take to Maryland, and I have knitting sheep magnets, shawl pins, and some miscellaneous other things. Come by when I return from Maryland and ask to see the inventory.

Because you make the farm what it is, it's my way of saying, "thanks for loving the farm; you deserve a Reward." And I'll throw in a hug for free.


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