We Celebrate a Milestone and Begin a New Week

Just a few thoughts before I tuck it in for today:

It's been just three short months since I sat down with my mentor, Susie Gibbs, of the Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm, over coffee in a Ft. Worth Barnes and Noble. I'm so happy with where we've come as a farm and as a community. I have some really wonderful new friends - shareholders, egg customers, spinning students - that I wouldn't have, without the opportunity to visit with Susie and think through my business plan, and dream about what Jacob's Reward might become. And we are totally on our way.

This coming week I'm putting the final preparations together for my annual pilgrimage to Fiber Mecca: The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Again, I'll join other members of the Jacob Sheep Conservancy as we share our products with the fiber community on the east coast. It's going to be a blast. Also on the agenda is a meet-up of all the MVFF fans, and you know I'll be first in line. Have to eat a Gyro - too good to be "fair food" so I make it a point to enjoy that at the festival. It's a family reunion for me when I go to Maryland, as I get free lodging at my niece and nephew's house in Frederick. None of my spinning buddies was able to come with me this year, so it will be lonely in the rental car going to and fro. But I should have lots of fun stories when I return. Watch this space...


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