Lambs on the Run

Just a quick post tonight. I've tucked the babies in with their bottles and hopefully, a cozy nest to keep them warm on this very cold night. But today, they got to stretch their legs and get a little sun in the Big Sheep Pen. I decided that sooner or later they'd need to get acquainted with the Three Amigos: Shadrach, Zacchaeus, and Lucy, so that they could eventually wean off the bottle and move to a pasture-based diet.

So today, Emma and I put them in their harnesses and let them sniff noses with the big sheep in the big pen. When that seemed to go alright, we let them off the leads and let them run. There was a good bit of tentative head butting as they said hello to their elders, and then the chase began. Those five sheep went round and round like an ovine blender. Emma ran and got the camera and I started shooting video as fast as I could. Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry that the camera never did get a good lock on the subjects, so the focus is all wonky. So sorry. But I hope you can get a feel for the fun that was going on.

After the running, jumping, butting and playing, I got the lambs back by waving their afternoon bottles at them. They were ready for lunch, so it was a simple task to snap the leads back on the harnesses as they gulped their milk. They're not ready for full time living in the big pen - I discovered several places where the fencing is not baby-proof. So back into their little pen they went, for the time being.

At the end of the video is an interesting exchange: Shadrach bumps one of the lambs, but then Zacchaeus really bashes the lamb. Shadrach goes over to Zach and I swear says, "Hey, cut that out - you're being too rough!" But that's just me. Here's the video... you make the call:


  1. Lamb TV is my new favorite show! I love watching them run around and chase the big sheep . . . and yeah, it certainly does look like Shad is telling Zach to lay off!

  2. I'm going with Shad telling Zach to lay off as well. :-)


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