Made My Day

Got this beautiful handmade multi-media image in the mail today from young Ian (seven years old). He wanted to thank us for the fun he had at the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Wow. What wonderful manners! And not a bad artist. Thank you, Ian, for the beautiful picture. I'm very excited that you had such a good time that you were moved to respond with artistic expression. That's very cool. We will display it proudly here at Jacob's Reward Farm, don't you worry!

This Saturday's plans are up in the air. Because the weather is iffy, I'm not going to really expect to be able to shear the sheep. I think I've also been invited to participate in a Farmer's Market at a swanky shopping area near here in the morning, but I haven't received any details. Everything is pending. Ain't that like life?

What are YOU doing this weekend? Wanna come play?


  1. Ahh, I wish I could come play! But unfortunately my weekend includes lots of Busy Stuff, including a road trip with some work friends.

    Sheep shearing next weekend?

  2. Aww, Chris - haven't seen you in a while! Next weekend for sure. If the weather's good, we'll shear those sheep!


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