Shearing Day Hangover

I am still coming down off that shearing day experience. I'm not sore, but still a little tired, and still quite bemused at what we went through! Our Chris sent me a link to her Flickr set - the group of pictures she took at shearing. She has captured some serious Kodak moments, my friend, let me tell you. (In this photo I've featured, we see Zack giving us his very best Sir John Gielgud as Hamlet moment. Kate and I, meanwhile, invented our very own unique shearing technique.) Thank you, Chris for giving me permission to share these.

The day-long deluge they predicted today was curtailed by a good strong west wind. We got some rain with thunder and lightning, but the system moved east early in the day and didn't cause any trouble around here. There's more rain in the forecast, in fact, through the middle of next week, but so far, the mud isn't a huge issue. You know how I feel about mud.

Sometime in the next couple of days, a nice gentleman from the Keller area will be coming by with his trailer to pick up Moses and Aaron. It breaks my heart that we had to sell them, but looking at the big picture, it just wasn't going to work long term. And of course, the past couple of days they have been acting all cuddly and particularly endearing. That doesn't help. I arranged the sale days ago, and am just now starting to feel really sad about it. But when our new alpacas come in June, we'll need all the pasture we can get. So you'll know, Moses and Aaron will be going together to live on a very big ranch in southern Oklahoma to live with a nice family with kids to love on them and keep them very busy. That helps.

From now until Thursday I'm getting ready for the big trip to Maryland. I guess I'm still a bit in denial that the Festival is this next weekend! I'm just about gathered up. But it seems like such a different universe, I have to sit down and close my eyes and imagine what all I'll see and do, so that I can reasonably anticipate everything I'll wish I had brought. I did buy a ticket to the big Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm After Party in Columbia, MD on Saturday night. We'll see if I actually make it, but it sure sounds like fun. Rumor has it that Ravelry's Casey and Jess will be there, along with my mentor, Susie Gibbs and all her CSA groupies. How cool is that?

Here on the farm, all is well. The lambs are growing more and more every day. I'm wondering if it's time to increase their feedings - those two can suck down 2 bottles each in less time than it takes me to mix up the milk replacer. I'm still working toward the day when I can get them out with the big sheep on grass. That will help them wean much faster. Elsewhere on the farm, 'pacas are good, chickens are good, everybody's good. The Red Barn is bursting at the seams with freshly shorn fiber. After Maryland, it's fiber processing in earnest.

'Night friends - it's past my bedtime again.


  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Glad to hear that the donkeys are going to a place where they will be petted and played with!


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