Slow News Day at the Farm

After our big weekend, we're back to the normal, everyday routine. Monday's are usually quiet compared to having Ted and Emma home all day on the weekends. I usually try to catch up on housework and do some surface organizing. A little wood grain is peeking out from my desk, and if I can keep working, I hope to see the floor of the office again someday. Entropy is my nemesis. The world naturally moves toward decay and degradation. Too bad. Wouldn't it be a hoot to wake up one day and find that things had reversed -- that when you left stuff on shelves they gradually became LESS dusty? Or that odd socks found their way back to their mates in the sock drawer and that junk mail found its way into the trash by itself? Piles of beer cans would sort of evaporate out of the gutters, cars would gradually begin to shine after a drive in the rain, and over time, dust bunnies would disintegrate under the sofa. Now, that would be a nice change.

In the meantime, we march on, cleaning the bathroom floor even though we know we'll need to do it again in a few days.

My friend Peggy came over today to visit her friend Shadrach and to drop off some fiber. She really loves Shad and took a lovely picture of him (top left). Of course, he's pretty photogenic for a silly ol' meat sheep. But He Who Will Never Go Into the Freezer feels awfully smug and entitled most of the time, and chats with passersby regardless of the hour, or whether or not his opinion was solicited.
Tomorrow is the big Day at the Carder. I'll have lots of lovely batts to show you when I get home. I'll leave you with a cool picture Peggy took of the footprint of one of her alpacas. They do leave their mark, don't they? In our hearts, I mean. In our hearts.


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