Social Media - Friend or Foe?

I've spent quite a while today posting, commenting, adding content, and surfing lots and lots of "social media" sites today. I think I have profiles at 10 or 11 different sites. So for the moment, I am wondering - what social media sites do you like? Which ones seem fun or helpful? Which ones are less-than-helpful? Tomorrow I'll give you the run down on where you can find me ALL OVER the web. I'm on a crusade to promote the farm and our CSA. It's too good of an idea to keep it under wraps, eh?

For now, I'm going to begin my new discipline of getting to bed before midnight. Stop snickering.


  1. Ravelry is my absolute favorite, followed by Facebook . . . I have a MySpace account that I rarely log in to (plus the music blaring on various profiles is incompatible with stealth-surfing at work). I'm resisting Twitter as long as I possibly can, mainly because I'm stubborn. :)

  2. Anonymous12:49 AM

    She who has a thing to sell,
    And goes and whispers in a well,
    Is not so apt to get the dollars,
    As she hwo climbs a tree and hollers! ♥

    Hilary in Sicily

  3. That's great, Hilary! I love that!


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